Thursday, 24 February 2011

Itchy scalp be gone!!

Hey guys, 

So the pic is a bit of an exaggeration lol. I have an itchy scalp. I don't know why or how long i've had it for, but it itches like no mans business. On wash day I clarified with my clarifying shampoo thinking maybe the cause of said itch is build up (even though I don't use that much product) but the itch still exists ¬¬.

But no fear, I have a plan! I remember reading about peppermint oil being good for itchy scalp, but I really don't want to buy another oil. Like, really. I still haven't used up my Eucalyptus, Sweet Almond, or Avocado that I bought at the beginning of my HJ a year ago *sigh*. Anyways I've decided to do a peppermint tea rinse. I've been itching to do a tea rinse ever since I heard about them. HA see what I did there? itching! No? I guess i'll laugh by myself then. 

So it looks like this weeks wash day is gonna be jam packed with DIY goodness. 
The plan is to:
  • Prepoo with Coconut oil (maybe...i'm still not convinced about prepoo-ing, infact I feel like it's a waste of oil, but apparently it helps against hair damage due to your hair swelling with water..)
  • Shampoo with my Cream of Nature shampers,- the old formula with no no-go's
  • DC with a DIY banana deep condition adding some of my coconut milk mix from last weeks wash day (more on this soon)
  • Rinse with Peppermint Tea hopefully ridding myself of that itch!
*All of this will be done in twists, my hair tangles like a...i dunno? What tangles? *Googles "things that tangle"* The results are highly disappointing. 
I got a bit off topic, to avoid unneccesary tangles, twists have become a neccessity!

So that's my wash day plan. The reason for all this experimentation (other than the fact that I like experimenting) is after a year of usage I realised my faithful DC: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditoner had cones in it. :( So when it finished a couple weeks ago I refrained from repurchase. Im trying to be cone free. For those of you who don't know cones are silicones I don't like using products with cones because to get rid of them you have to use poos with sulphates which strip and dry!
And we all know how I feel about things that dry out my hair. They are the enemy.
Right, so i'm looking around for a new DC thought i'd try some homemade stuff before shelling out for a more expensive cone free DC.

Im kinda looking forward to the banana-ness that will occur :)
Much love,
Rels x


  1. Banana-ness? You thinking of trying the Caramel Deep Treatment?

    Also, it's nice to find another UK based blog! :D

  2. Is that what its called? LOL!
    sounds much better than banana-ness :)
    Yay for the UK!