Saturday, 18 February 2012

Flat Twisted Bun, How I love thee

This bun changed my life and refreshed a stagnating hair relationship. I don't even know where the idea came from for this, it was a complete eureka moment- light bulb and all.
My hair has been long enough to bun for a while now, and I love the look of buns but two things have stopped me from wearing them. 
1) because my hair is so dense, putting it in a normal ponytail results in a unbunnable stubby piece of hair. 
2) In the event that said stub is bunnable and a bun is created (either by twisting the stub and pinning the end or not taking the whole length of hair through the hair band) my ends run wild and i'm left with a SSK breeding ground. *sigh*

The bun started to become a fantasy, a myth something completely unattainable, then I had a revelation. "Why don't I flat twist the ends?" The idea became a reality and my life has never been the same since lol. 

So here's how I did it, I started on freshly washed dry hair and sectioned off the front for flat twisting. Once those were done I put the middle of my hair in a ponytail then brought the back of my hair up to the ponytail and made a new ponytail. Next it was time to see if my theory would work. I split the ponytail in half and then flat twisted each half. So let's take the left half for an example- While I flat twisted I drew the hair from the centre-y part of the ponytail (but still in the left section) and pulled it to the edge, so that way the flat twist leaned to the left. I did the same on the right and then pinned the ends round the bun. 

I can't believe it worked! I loved it, everything about it, finally I had a bun, a chunky, protective bun!! This is definitely going to become one of my go to protective styles.

As always, I hope this finds you well!
Rels x

Wash day!

I had a really good wash day(s) this week. I was surprised at how smoothly it all went because my hair was in a terrible state after a run in with a blow dryer. Never again smh.
Post traumatic blow dry encounter my hair had been in 4 flat twists (2 going across my head at the front with a side part, and two going back) for about 2 weeks. The style was actually really cute, I'll do a post on it the next time I do it again but my poor hair was in a tangled tangled state.
I had been putting off washing my hair but it was time to face the music so here's what I did.

Prepoo: Crown Pride Naturals Avocado Detangling Conditioner, Honey, EVOO and Coconut Oil. 
Shampoo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo
Conditioner: Crown Pride Naturals Avocado Detangling Conditioner
Moisturiser: Crown Pride Naturals Organic Hair Milk

my hair + the mix
The Method: I took a medium sized section of hair, briefly finger detangled and then spritzed with water. Then I smoothed the mix onto my hair; i'd apply the mix to the middle of the hair and then work it down to my ends and then I'd take a bit more, put it on the roots and then work it down to the ends again, then i'd go back and squeeze the section from roots to ends.
Next I finger detangled again and then went through the hair with my large wide toothed comb and then once more with my small wide toothed comb.
Finally I twisted the section and moved on.
By the time I finished my whole head it was late so I donned a plastic bag and called it a night. 

drying my hair- I actually
liked this bun...
The next morning I rinsed out the prepoo, shampooed my scalp and conditioned with the twists still in. When I got out the shower I wrung out my hair- literally lol- and then blotted with a t-shirt. I added some moisturiser, a bit of coconut oil and left my hair to dry in a bun.

My thoughts: Now I don't know whether it was the new condish or the honey or both but detangling my hair was so much easier. I couldn't believe it, I was fully expecting to have to cut yonks of my hair because of how tangled it was but the session went so smoothly!! 
Next i'm going to work on getting my hair to dry feeling moisturised as opposed to dry. So instead of adding my moisturiser straight after washing, next time i'll add it when my hair is like 80-90% dry and see if that makes a difference...

I guess that's it for now!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Just to let you know

I'm going to be posting more regularly as of...well- now.
And i'm thinking I might start posting some videos as well!
I have tons to tell you about
Like the castor oil challenge!
And my two week affair with some mini twists I did in January.
My blow out FAIL.
My favourite 10 minute protective style.
and much more!!

I should have a new post up at some point this week. If I don't I just might slap myself =/
So yeah, watch this space :)