Saturday, 15 December 2012

Detangling: My Happy Place lol

freshly finger detangled...
I've been meaning to write about detangling for ages. Getting to my detangling happy place has been a struggle. Struggle doesn't even sound difficult enough, It's been a battle, a war. That's better. For YEARS detangling was a war between my dense splitty hair and me. I always lost lol.

I tried so many different things... inside the shower detangling, detangling with oil, wide tooth detangling, denman brush detangling, dry detangling, nothing worked. Or it would work but also shred my hair in the process. And remember how prone my hair is to split ends? Once I realised I was loosing so much hair to combing I stopped using combs and started finger detangling. But because my hair is so dense and irregular in its curl/coilness, my hair would never get fully detangled and sessions would last like 4 hours plus *sigh*

But now? I have my detangling game on lock. As in, detangling is a breeze. I am officially in my detangling happy place. Everything changed for me when I started using my beloved Faith In Nature Chocolate Conditioner. I have spoken about it so many times and after 9 months we are still in love.

So how do I finger detangle? 

I detangle on dry hair. Wetting my hair when it's tangled just makes things worse. If my hair is a ratty mess I use the FIN Chocolate Conditioner which I call 'slip on steroids'. I'll take a section of hair, rub some condish on my fingertips, and then stroke it into my hair using both hands. I'll start midway down my hair and then stroke down to the ends, then run down the full length- root to tip. Finally i'll put some more condish on my fingertips and work that into my dense roots. As I stroke my hair I remove all the shed hair and work apart any tangles. Since the FINC condish is sooo slippy this is so easy. After all of this my strands are completely separated and tangle free. 
Another reason why I love the FINC condish is because it doubles as my moisturiser. Seriously, NOTHING moisturises my hair like this stuff does.

Finally i'll add whatever oil mix i'm using (currently rapeseed and castor oil) and twist that section. After I'm done my hair is butter soft. Is butter even soft? It dries soft and moisturised, and it's soo easy to manage and style. Happy place, happy place, happy place!

If my hair just needs some light detangling i'll use one of the other 5 FIN conditioners that I have. Yes, 5. LOL, after I bought the Chocolate and saw how well that worked I had to try some of their other flavours! Currently i'm using the Ginkgo Biloba, before that it was the Seaweed and before that the Aloe Vera. Since my hair isn't that tangled i'll detangle in much larger sections. 

My hair is seriously thriving guys. It's crazy! 
Before I leave I just wanted to say how humbled and excited I am to have been featured on One Young Traveller, Hairscapades and then reposted on CurlyNikki
I am so humbled that other people read what little ole me has to say, seriously, I'm all abuzz guys. A-freaking-buzz!!! I've been having some serious "They like me, They really like me" moments lol! Ok I need to calm down before I make a fool of myself. 

Has anybody out there tried any Faith In Nature products? 
Have you reached your Detangling Happy Place?
Talk to me! :)


  1. Hello Rella! I saw your post on! I think it is great. I am a fellow londoner from! It would be great to share information and I would love to feature you on our website!

    Hope to hear from you (email me

    Enjoy your naturalness xx

    1. Hey! Yay a fellow London natural! Thanks for taking the time to comment :) I checked your site btw, looks great. I'd love to be featured, I'll defs drop you an email :D x x

  2. Hey! I saw your post on and our regimens are so similar! I finger detangle on dry hair as well. I would love to try FIN products, where do you get them from?

    Subscribed :)

    Ire A.
    Black and Vanilla

    1. Hey Ire :) Do you finger detangle completely dry or do you add something? Does it work well for you?
      I get my FIN products online. I usually just use google shopping to see where is selling it cheapest. But it's good to look at the faith in nature site to see which condish you want. I think I got my last order from Chemist Direct because they were doing a sale.
      Thanks for commenting!! x x

  3. Hey I also saw your CurlyNikki post and I think you're FABULOUS!!! I was just wondering how long it takes you to finger detangle dry??

    1. Hey right back! :) Me? Fabulous? You're too kind lol. Before using the FIN condish it would take around 4-5 hours and my hair still wouldn't be fully detangled. Now, if I'm just detangling to remove shed hair and a few tangles it will take like 30-45 minutes with the Ginkgo Biloba condish. If my hair is in a really really bad tangled state it will take about 2 hours and i'll use something extremely slippy like the Chocolate conditioner. How do you detangle? Thanks for commenting :)