Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Faith In Nature Jojoba Conditioner

nearly finished :(
Ok so I was wrong, I have no problem admitting that. See when I bought my beloved FIN Chocolate Conditioner I also bought the FIN Jojoba Conditioner because I know jojoba to be nourishing for the hair but i've never been able to justify spending money on jojoba oil. I'z a student. So I tried it as a conditioner and it was aite, nothing spesh, and so I ruled it out. Deemed it forgettable. Unimportant. Then the other day I was replying to a comment left by The Simple Thing on my post about my beloved and I reiterated my feelings. It does nothing for me, the chocolate condish is the star!
But then it came time for me to do my hair for a vid I needed to make. I was running low on the chocolate condish and didn't want to waste it on a few twists and then I remember the jojoba. So I took it, used it, and now here I am. I was wrong.

used the jojoba to put these
quick twists in to shoot a vid
See, remember how I tried the chocolate on dry hair and saw it for the gem that it was? I didn't do that for the jojoba, I just went with how I felt about it on wet hair. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's no chocolate conditioner, but it doesn't need to be! My Faith in Nature Chocolate Conditioner is my heavy duty detangler, it is slip on steroids. But the Faith In Nature Jojoba Conditioner? It's subtle slip, my everyday styler, for those few times when my hair isn't a ratty mess. Both are moisturising and both enable me to style my hair without wetting it.

The only difference is the chocolate condish gives more slip and the jojoba condish has a tad bit of curl activator-ness going on.
I think the chocolate has more slip because it has more centrimonium chloride in it but don't quote me on that because chemist I am not.

So yeah, I love both of them, both of them are nearly finished, and now I know they both work I have no choice but to go and buy every other faith in nature conditioner there is *hides face*

"I tried to get out but they just keep pulling me back in"


  1. Excellent 24 word review/comparison! Gah, decisions decisions.

    I think I might spring for the chocolate one if it smells good ^_^

  2. The chocolate smells good, but not how I first thought when I heard chocolate conditioner. As in in smells like chocolate but not like a chocolate bar :S Agh I don't know if i'm helping with your choosing here looool. But I stand by the chocolate hehe. Let me know what you decide! :D

  3. I didn't know chocolate could be used as conditioner...I've been using Moroccan products...