Wednesday, 14 August 2013

To sum it all up...

Dont think this lasted. This ish shrunk right up to my scalp
#shrinkageisreal lol.

I have so much to tell you guys but no time. So i'm gonna do something I never do and keep things concise (lol). I'll be back to expound later. So hopefully once I get the 'headlines' out it'll be easier to come and fill in the gaps.

Here goes.

1) At the end of last year I started making my own cosmetics. Like from scratch. So my toothpaste, deodorant, body-ness and hair-ness are all made by moi. And it's all natural. Not kinda natural, not naturally derived. It's all natural. So natural you could probably eat it. But it would taste like crap. 

2) My hair looks like a boss all day erryday! And feels like a boss and just basically is awesome.

3) This awesomeness is not just down to my hair products. Well it is, but since this isn't an advert- the person who said products don't make a difference LIED. And here's why:

3a) pH makes a difference. Especially if your hair is highly textured. pH makes a world of difference!

3b) Bentonite clay is THE TRUTH. As in- the absolute, where have you been all my life? Truth.

3c) A product can have all the herbal extracts in the world and still suck. It's not your fault, it's the product's. Herbal extract does not automatically mean answer to all your hair problems. 9 times outta 10- if we're talking about manageability- it means absolutely nothing.

4) I have the whole wash process down. No stress, no tears, no taking a holiday to wash my hair. Washing my hair is easy.

5) I have the whole styling process down. No stress, no tears no get the picture lol.

6) Stress really does make your hair fall out = hair setback #1

7) Low pH- below 4 = broken hair = hair setback #2 lol.
7a) I wanted to see what the margin for safe pH was. Oh boy did I find out!

8) I gave up sugar.

9) Rice milk is the bomb dot com.

10) Natural hair is freaking beautiful. As in, I can't put it into words. As in, I've never felt more myself, more beautiful or more complete than now. Rocking my hair like i'm supposed to.

I'm sure there's more. There's definitely more. But that's all I can remember for now.

If there's any number that you would particularly like me to expound upon first let me know. 

Hope this find you well :)
Rella x

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  1. Hey Rella! So great to read another instalment. It all sounds very interesting!!! How to choose which I would like to hear first? Homemade natural deodorant?!?!! Pleeeease do tell more. Secondly, do expound on the ph-ing. I use the kimmaytube leave in recipe which leaves my hair quite soft after washing but once dried my hair is usually pretty dry again by the next morning. :( Do share, evidently, there is more I should know!

    Happy hair days Lovely

    Sweetceey x