Friday, 19 September 2014

Musings: Fro-age, Fro-ness and Fro-ability

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My fro is getting big... I've got some serious fro-age going on. I'm fro-ness galore over in these here hair streets lol. You know it's funny because after what felt like set back 3000 and 1, I was so despondent. I was disheartened, discouraged, and a whole host of other dis-emotions. If the word was prefixed with dis-, best believe I felt it. It seemed like after my hair fell out, it would never recover and I was the most tempted I've ever been to just cut it all off and start again. But thank God I didn't.

I'm so grateful that I never make rash decisions. Seriously, never. About anything. Sometimes I get a strong urge to shop, like proper SPLURGE. I go to the website of my usual clothing stores, fill my baskets with everything I want and then once I'm done, I think about it. For like three days. LOL. Over that time that basket gets whittled down to a fraction of what it was, and then I pay. That's the kind of person that I am. So when I was all in my feelings last year about the hair loss and cutting was looking like a real good option and the urge was strong, you know what I did? I thought about it for three days. Over that time that huge urge was whittled down and the reality of my hair situation became much clearer: cutting won't make my hair grow back faster, it will just make me feel more in control. But that sense of control will only last for like a minute, and then afterwards, I'm just left with shorter hair.

So I'm happy that I never cut off my hair, because now I get to enjoy all of this fro-ability lol.

Hope this post finds you well.

Rella x


  1. Your hair looks awesome !!!!! I can't wait for my fro to big but I'm living right now vicariously though you.

  2. p.s more fro pics please xxx