Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Is that a silver lining?

i was soo chuffed with this find
i knitted the scarf myself btw

Hey Readers :)

So I literally had to close all NHCBs and force myself to type this. Not because I didn't want to but because if I didn't write this now it would never get done lol!

I have to say guys, Monday was the BEST #NaturalHair day I've had in all 18 years and 363 days of being natural. For some reason I woke up that morning in the mood to peruse the natural hair web community, I do this often, but also in the mood to try some new things on my hair- we all know of my search for a moisturiser. That morning I must've been reading blogs for at least 4 hours. I found some more UK naturals *cheer* and some more online stores *cheer again*. Somehow I thought to try Kimmay's leave-in that i'd heard being raved about, but obvi it would have to be modified as I don't have Kinky Curly Knot Today.

(1) Find good leave-in condish

I'd also noticed that my coconut oil was running alarmingly low so I spent time online looking for a top up that wouldn't burn my pocket

(2) Find cheap (but good) coconut oil

Since the search for something to moisturise my hair had popped up again I remembered glycerin; i'd heard great things about it but apparently it shouldn't be used in the winter but while reading Natural Haven that got discounted so..

(3) Find cheap (but good) glycerin
Are we noticing a pattern here?

Finally Kimmay's recipe required Aloe Vera Juice so naturally

(4) Find cheap (BUT GOOD) Aloe Vera Juice was added to my list.
I was so determined to solve my problems without burning my pocket. This natural hair-ness has to be sustainable. I have to be able to maintain it when im rolling in the ma-honies and also when i'm counting pennies- especially with uni at the end of the year..

I felt like a detective, no stone was left unturned, hours and hours trying to find the better deal, taking into account postage costs.. I decided on Giovanni's Direct Leave-In for (1). Once again it came highly recommended and reviewed. It came down to two stores for where I was gonna buy it from:
Here and here. I came across Skin Nutrition first (b/n the two) and it looked as though I was going to buy from them but that £3 shipping (if I was buying more it wouldn't be a problem) was killing me. It meant something I would've spent £6.38 became £9.38. Now I hope know you guys can do the math lol, that three pounds made all the difference and I held off in checking out. About an hour later I came across Naturismo and straight away I saw FREE DELIVERY. I don't think you guys understand how much I love free delivery. I mean- really. So instead of £9.38 I spent £8.00 I know some of you are rolling your eyes at the £1.38 difference, but those £1.38's really add up, especially when you're taking a break from rolling in it lol.

 Trying to get Coconut Oil online is an excuse to waste money, after seeing some RIDICULOUS prices for minuscule amounts I decided to leave that until I tried Mare Street later that day. For those of you not familiar with my borough (why would you be lol) Mare Street is my nearest shopping area.

Thanks to Google Shopping I knew that the cheapest glycerin available was to be found at Boots which had a store in Mare Street so I decided to leave that for later as well.

All that was left to buy was the Aloe Vera Juice which wasn't as great a success as my leave-in. In the end I decided to buy it from here because it was the cheapest I could find it online. Later when I was on my errands
I found the same amount for just under £5. I bought it for £6.38. Am I the only one who finds it ironic that it's a similar amount to what I saved on my leave-in? Anyway, so I could tick this off my list.

This is all abit long isn't it?

i HAD to buy two! :)
I'd ordered the leave-in and the aloe so it was time to take a trip to mare street. I remembered that a friend of mine had recently done a big chop and wanted some advice on some hair products so I invited her to come with. First thing on the agenda? Coconut Oil. Now, mare street is littered with mini supermarkets- I think there are like 5 on one road, we went into the first one and walked straight to the oil section. Guess how much a 250ml bottle cost! GUESS!!

99p!!!!!!!!!! hehe. I was so chuffed! Especially because online, incl. shipping its would've cost four times as much. I got two bottles *blushes*. Both together cost less than my 150ml bottle from Paks that came to £3 or more.. I can't remember. I also got a 200ml bottle of glycerin from Boots for £1.62.
Boots also had a really good selection of Aussie Moist shampoos and conditioners...
My final purchase was 3 packets of Shea butter for £3 at a pound a bag from a Nigerian store. Another bargain. All in all Monday was very satisfying. To round up my purchases:

Giovanni's Direct Leave-in Weightless Moisture Conditioner 250ml purchased at for £8.00
Aloe Pura Bio-Active Maximum Strength Aloe Vera Juice 500ml purchased at www.feelunique but its cheaper in Paks (if you have one near you otherwise the difference is pretty much bus fare)
Glycerin 200ml purchased at my local Boots for £1.62 but you can also get it at
KTC Pure Coconut Oil 250ml purchased at a local Indian run supermarket for 99p
Shea Butter three packets/bags purchased at a Nigerian run store at £1 a bag.

I'm so happy that these things are readily available to me!
Where do you get your things from?
Rels x

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