Monday, 14 February 2011

I'm in luuuuurve!!!!!!!

this is how i feel when i look at my glycerin spray bottle

Yes Readers,

On this day, this wonderful Valentines day I am professing my love, shouting from the rooftops and skywriting:

hehe.But all jokes aside, last week I had my best hair week ever!! Last Monday I took out the french braid that I'd worn for the last five days and shampooed. I put in my Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner mixed with olive, coconut, amla and a few drops of eucalyptus oil and sat under my new steamer.

The steamer is not the reason for the best hair week. In fact I'm not too sure if I'm in love with steaming. But I'm reserving my judgement until I steam on the right setting lol and steam with twists in- steaming with my hair loose resulted in tangles galore ¬¬.
bottle- a £ shop, but it didn't cost a pound ¬¬
coconut oil- indian grocers
glycerin- boots
eucalyptus oil- chemist direct
i think..
So I got out from under the steamer and could not be bothered to put my hair in twists. I was tired after dealing with my hair for so long and just wanted the process to be over so I flat twisted my hair. Two on each side of a middle part at the front (middle part to ear) and four at the back.

I probably sealed with an oil before twisting but I can't remember.

On Tuesday my aloe vera juice arrived then Wednesday brought Giovanni's leave-in. As soon as my leave in came I tested it. I will do a post on it soon. And to be fair I tested it against my NaturalCurls buttermilk to see which was better at moisturising..

I'm getting off topic. On Wednesday night I decided to whip up a glycerin mix. To my little spray bottle I added water, glycerin, a bit of coconut oil and a few drops of eucalyptus oil (I'm trying to use this up so I put it in everything lol) and shook it until my arm was sore :D
I took down a twist, sprayed my hair, stroked it in so the mix was evenly distributed, sealed with coconut oil and then retwisted.

Things I noticed:

  • Shrinkage was less than when spraying with water
  • Shrinkage was LESS than when spraying with water 
  • and SHRINKAGE WAS LESS.. I'm kidding, the third point is my hair actually stayed moisturised!!
are those curls?
i think those are curls
the updo :)

added a scarf to tie it all together
excuse the pun hehe
and the messy room
its tidy now
i promise
 I couldn't believe it, on Thursday morning I felt my hair and it was soft and moisturised. With all other products by the next day it's as if I put nothing in my hair. Thursday night I did the same thing (I think). Friday morning brought my nineteenth birthday I took out all of the twists, scrunched in a teeny amount of my leave-in mix (post on this coming soon) and saw that my hair actually held the curls! This was a huge first. I was tempted to leave it like that but after the fro hawk incident I'm still abit traumatised. After staring at the mirror and wondering what to do with my hair I divided my hair in two, left my pomp and loosely flat twisted my hair into an updo.

the dress i wore
My hair stayed moisturised all day, it has to be said- glycerin is my valentine.

Rels x

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