Thursday, 3 February 2011


Hey Readers,

I wanted to let you know that I'm feeling better on the whole moisturising front. These days I've been moisturising and sealing only my ends when styling my hair; a tiny amount for each section and then sealing with an oil, usually Vatika. Right now I'm sitting in my friends dorm room at Reading University :) My hair is in an up do as usual. A french braid from the back of my head to the top with a pomp at the front; I needed something that was easy to maintain while I was away from home.

I wanted to share an experience with you guys though. On Tuesday I had a meeting with my band and afterwards we were hanging around, talking, everything was cool. Then I noticed one of my singers staring at me strangely. I called him up on it: 'Is something wrong?' and he replied 'No, but you have pepper grains all over the place' then I said 'Well, that's my hair.'

Despite my quick retort I couldn't help feeling slightly stung. Don't get me wrong; the band, my guys, they love my hair and wouldn't want it any other way, neither would I. But I don't hurt a bit. It wasn't just the criticism, I thought about it. Wondered if I would've felt as stung if it was a reference to any other part of my appearance but I don't think I would've. I mean its both 'Just hair!' and so much more than that at the same time..

(Personally I think he was a bit off mark..but that's neither here nor there)

On a brighter note, another one of my singers decided to cut her hair *big cheers* and here's a quick snap
As always, I hope this post finds you well
Rels x

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