Monday, 21 February 2011

All scarfed up!

Hey Readers,

Last week I had the laziest hair week ever! After a DISASTROUS encounter with baking soda, shikkakai powder and amla powder (post coming soon) I was just grateful I had hair left on my head.

not as good as my previous f.t-out
but there are some curls
These days I have no idea what to do with my hair ¬¬. It's very annoying, I do all the prep, get to the mirror and its just a bunch of blank stares *sigh*

i wanted to see how
my hair would come out
if i twisted in smaller sections
On tuesday night I took out my wash day twists, spritzed with my glycerin mix, sealed with coconut oil and flat twisted my hair. Wednesday morning I took down the twists with coconut oil on my hands and my hair felt great. Soft, moisturised; it was begging to be styled. I looked at it and said to myself "I want to style you, but I cant" *BLANK STARE* so I ended up donning a scarf for the first but defo not last time in my natural life.

I packed my hair into a loose bun, left out the pomp and tied the scarf. I couldn't believe how easy it all was. I got sooo many compliments that day; in my head I was like for real? They were like "You look nice Rells" I was like I was too lazy to figure out what to do with my hair "Thank you :) "

When I got home I spritzed and flat twisted again, this time- five big ones from ear to ear and the next time I didn't even bother to take them all down. I took out the top one, did a pomp donned a different scarf and Bob's your uncle!

Eventually i'm going to have to get past this style estrangement because I don't have enough scarves lol and more importantly I don't want to always hide my hair under a scarf..
Tbh though I loved that I could go from the mirror- outta the house in 60 seconds.

im told i look 14
im 19 ¬¬
those 5 years make a big difference

Hope alls well in your natural world
Rels x


  1. I'm 43, married for 17 years, 2 kids and people say I look like I'm only in my late 'teens to 20s. I've always looked younger than my age. Its a blessing and a curse.

    1. 17 years? Wow, that's amazing!
      I get it from my mum, she looks way young. I don't mind looking younger anymore and i'm sure when i'm older i'll appreciate it more! Thanks for commenting :)