Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Coconut Milk = Protein, genius ¬¬

Hey Guys,

I have been incredibly lazy when it comes to posting.. I know I have, isn't acknowledging you have a problem the first step to overcoming it? hehe.
In this post i'm going to take you through my experience using coconut milk as a deep treatment. I had a bit of a blond moment when it came to this DC. I haven't done a protein treatment in absolute yonks, mostly because my hair doesn't need it. In the past when i've done a protein treatment I usually followed it up with a moisturising DC but this time round my brain got distracted by the fact that I wasn't using a store bought PT so I didn't realise I was doing a PT lol. Hence my title: Coconut Milk = Protein because, it does!

I made quite a few mistakes.
1) Not realising I was doing a PT
2) Not realising how much coconut milk is in one can which led to making too much
so now I have a tub of something I wont use often in my fridge, happy days! Not.
3) Being a bit heavy handed resulting in a mixture that was much more liquidy than I would've liked.

The Mix?

  • 1 can of coconut milk (This is how much I used but USE LESS!!!)
  • 4 tbsp honey (there isnt a specific reason why I put four tbsp. It could've been three, five, a gahjillion..)
  • some aloe vera juice (probs not enough to be moisturising, next time it'll be a heap of AVJ)
  • Coconut, Olive and Amla oils (as much as I felt like)

Im sure I would've chucked some eucalyptus and almond oil in there as im trying to get rid of them.

So after washing (in twists) with my Giovanni Triple Treat clarifying shampoo I put the mix over my twists. I would've unraveled then applied but there was no point since my mix was so thin. After my hair was drenched with this I put a tesco bag over my head and sat under my steamer.

*note* When I was applying the mix I stood with my head over the bowl that contained it. That way any excess went back into the bowl to be used again. Obvi if the consistency was thicker this wouldnt be needed.

After steaming I rinsed out the mix with cool water (all still in twists)

Did I apply a leave in and seal? Maybe... See this is why I should post right after I do these things kmt!

The Verdict?
The next day once my hair had dried I took down a twist and realised my hair was crrrrrispy loool, it wasn't in a OMG WHAT HAS HAPPENED! way, but more in a hmm..this is new. I remember thinking is this the protein overload thing I've heard about? (lol) and im sure my leave-in containing protein didnt help matter at all. So to revive my hair I simply spritzed with my glycerin mix, sealed and retwisted. All was right in the world.

I guess I couldn't really give an opinion on this because my hair didn't need a protein treatment so that whole wash day was pretty pointless. And now i've got a bunch of PT mix in my fridge that I wont use *sigh*. But the next day crispiness suggests that it works..

I really did enjoy the smell of coconut though :)

Rels x
this is how the coconut milk looked outta the can
i'd added some aloe vera juice at this point
heres the final consistency 
my roots are getting soooo thick
for no reason
ugh! tis v. annoying

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