Saturday, 29 January 2011

*sigh* at least I tried & NaturalCurls buttermilk part 2

Hey Readers,

i took this while holidaying in Dubai :)
I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps about my hair + hair journey. Yesterday when getting ready for my band rehearsal I thought I would do something new with my hair especially since I was armed with my new moisturiser. I lightly spritzed my hair with a light water, condish and oil mix, took down my twists moisturised and detangled.  I noticed that when applying the moisturiser my hair felt moisturised and then afterwards didn't. Despite sealing. Hmm..maybe i'll try sealing with a heavier oil next time (I used Vatika Oil).
So that's one reason for the downness- is my hair never going to be moisturised? It doesn't look dry or anything but i'm yet to feel that moisturised feeling for more than a minute.

i will defo stick to this and variations
from now on!
The other reason is I have learnt the hard way- my hair DOES NOT like to be left out! Continuing with the story: I was going for something new (usually I do a pomp and a bun). After I had detangled, my hair stood there in it's afro glory, it looked awesome but there was no way I was leaving all of my ends out! I cornrowed the back half of my hair up and flat twisted a fifth of the front so the majority of my hair was out; kinda like a half frohawk at an angle, it looked really cool after shaping and pinning. At this point I was still weary of leaving my ends out but tons of people on NHCBs do..

After about ten minutes I was like "I cannot do it", I put took out the flat twist and pulled my hair into a bun leaving the back cornrowed and added my pomp. I could feel the tangles in my hair just for that small time it was out!! Ugh. I went to my rehearsal and as soon as I got back I co-washed and detangled my hair and said never again!! Frohawks and fros are not for me!

At least my curiosity is satisfied..
I will be deep conditioning tomorrow.
As always, I hope you're well
Nat-Rel x

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