Saturday, 22 January 2011

Henna Results!!

I've been meaning to post the results of my henna-ing for a while now and i've finally gotten round to doing it.
So what did I do? 

In a bowl I mixed:
100g Henna
1 cup hot water
1/2 cup V05 Conditioner

I left this covered overnight and then right before I applied the mix I added some coconut oil
this is what it looked like the morning after

Here are some before pictures of my unwashed hair 

I divided my hair into sections and loosely twisted to make applying the henna easier. I undid a section, firmly stroked it (yes stroking, it helps detangle and get rid of shed hairs-trust, it's the lick!) and generously slopped on henna. Make sure you use plastic gloves because henna stains! (It is a dye after all lol)

Alot of people said they found the process extremely messy but I didn't..I made sure I put down newspaper just in case though. Maybe I should've mentioned that first.

After a section was complete I retwisted and moved on. I think its worth noting that the mix I made was enough to do my whole head twice so by the time I finished applying my hair was COATED! I donned a shower cap and left overnight.

Another thing worth noting is that henna stinks lol. There's no way to sugar coat it. Some people say it smells like wet grass but I felt it was more similar to vomit.. You do get used to it though. If you're leaving it overnight (like I did) be prepared to put your pillow cases and sheets in the wash because the scent clings..

This is what my hair looked like when I took off the shower cap (and the plastic bag I added on top of that). At this point my head felt a bit heavy but not uncomfortably so. I filled up a bucket with warm water, dunked my
head in and rinsed out as much mix as I could.

I remember thinking ooh my hair feels 
stronger..I also remember thinking it looks like i'm taking a bath in coca cola. Anywho, next I jumped in the shower armed with my conditioner and shampoo. I used the conditioner and shower stream to wash out the remaining henna and then shampooed., all still in twists.
 It went something like: undo twist, rinse and stroke, add condish, stroke, rinse under water stream, add poo(shampoo), scrub scalp, rinse until water runs clear, retwist. It didnt take as long as it sounds. Oh and when I say scrub I mean with finger tips, sort of like scratching but not.
After I was sure all the gunk was out of my hair I jumped out the shower and blotted my hair with a towel so it was no longer dripping wet but damp. It was now time to deep condition.

Back to the bowl, I added:
ORS Replenishing conditioner    
some Amla Oil
some Extra Virgin Olive Oil
a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil

I mixed it all together, applied to my hair, put on a shower cap and left it for like 2 hours.

I rinsed with cold water and towel blotted my hair so it wasnt dripping wet applied a moisturiser (a crap one, I was still waiting for my NaturalCurls buttermilk to arrive) mixed with some Vatika Oil and twisted my hair.

This is the end result.
So my Henna verdict? I can't say the results I got were from the henna itself or the new use of oil in my DC but my hair was easier to manage, I had minimal shedding and breakage. I also noticed a decrease in single strand knots! As I type this a new henna mix is sitting thats got amla, brahmi and shikakai powder mixed in with it. I'm not sure if you're supposed to mix in ayur powders with henna but I guess I'll find out soon enough!

Results will be posted soon.
Rels x 


  1. I've been considering trying henna for a while too. Do you still use it?

    1. So embarrassed that I didn't see this comment until now *blushes*. Nope I don't still use it. I think I henna'ed like 3 or 4 times and didn't really see a difference that could solely be attributed to the henna, so I didn't continue. However I do still use other ayurvedic powders like Amla and Kalpi tone etc.

      Did you end up trying it?