Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Beginning..

a blank canvas...

I guess if this post is called the beginning I should start from the beginning. I am from London (England) and my hair has always been natural. Growing up my hair was in and out of braids and cornrows. When I hit 15 it was in and out of weave. Finally at 18 I asked myself why? Growing up we're told natural hair is ugly and difficult to manage and something that should be hidden, I started questioning this. I didn't like the idea that I was conforming to somebody else's idea of beauty, I didn't like the idea that I had no idea what my hair even looked like and most of all I didn't like the idea that I was going against the way I was made, as if what God had given me wasn't good enough. And so in March 2010 I said no more, I spent a few days on the web reading blogs, researching how to take care of natural hair and then I took out my weave and haven't looked back since.

So why the blog?
As of late my hair suffered some severe neglection. Disheartened by the fact that my hair doesn't respond well to shop bought moisturiser, annoyed by an abundance of single strand knots and distracted by life I started to ignore my hair. It's not getting worse, but it's definitely not getting better. The new year hit and last week I found myself perusing Natural Hair Care Blogs (NHCBs) and I saw this henna treatment that everybody was singing praises about and I thought let me try it. From there, all of a sudden the motivation to start my healthy hair journey (hhj) kicked in. 

The main reason for the blog was to show how I reach my head of healthy hair using products easily found in the UK. While reading NHCBs, most of which are American, a new product will be reviewed that will seem to be really beneficial to my hair, I get all excited thinking it will solve a problem, only to find it's not available in the UK or if it is i'd have to pay a crazy shipping fee..

So i'm lying in bed with a hair full of henna, anticipating the results and introducing myself to all my fellow Naturals in the UK (and anyone else who might be reading this :D )

Results will be posted soon,

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