Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ahhh and my needs are complete!!

me soon?..hopefully

I am so excited!!! So incredibly excited!! As I said in my previous post I am starting I have started my Healthy Hair Journey, it officially began the moment the first sludge of henna mix touched my hair lol. Now in the past my downfall in regards to healthy hair was due to lack of moisture. I could never find a moisturiser kept my hair moisturised and didn't contain those no-go ingredients.

But all has changed! (cue choir of angels singing 'Aaa') 
I had pretty much lost all hope of finding one. My funds were spent so there was no hope of splurging on an expensive one. What really got me down was that i'd ordered a bunch of indian herbs and oils due to come in a few days to start my Ayurvedic regimen and all this is nothing without moisture *sigh*
I even tried to use a normal moisturiser today after rinsing out my henna, shampooing and deep conditioning, and I got that same near crinkliness I usually get...

Okay, time to cut to the chase. I was searching the internet looking for more NHCBs to indulge on and also looking for online hair care shops based in the UK and I came across NaturalCurls. At first I just added the site to my bookmarks to look at much later (I wasn't planning on buying anything until my next paycheck) but after reading some Mop Top Maven to decide what I'm gonna do when my things come I thought, I need to find a moisturiser else this will not work. So I went through my bookmarks. The first few sites disappointed. Products were to expensive or contained no-go's. And the finally I reached NaturalCurls. The moisturiser was  a bit more expensive than i'd hoped but desperate times call for desperate measures. I clicked on the buttermilk and read the ingredients, it passed the test! No no-go's. My heart leapt, but the price.. I checked my bank statement... I could just about make it, it all came down to the cost of delivery.. I went back to the page and there blinking at me was an honest to goodness sign. FREE DELIVERY!!!!!

It was meant to be readers, it was meant to be :)

It should arrive a couple days after my ayurvedic stuff. I'll let you know how everything goes!


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