Friday, 28 January 2011

Maybe I should be a lip model..LOL

This is what happens when it's 3 am and I can't sleep.

I'd exhausted all other forms of preventing boredom: poker, music, Asos, NHCBs etc 
so I thought I'd decide what to wear for rehearsal with my band (later today). 
Decided the outfit, a simple black tshirt dress and my cream ankle boots (that I haven't worn yet, despite having bought them MONTHS ago) and a cream corsage to tie it all together. 
I was looking in the mirror and my lipstick caught my eye. Now I don't wear that much make up, in fact I very rarely wear makeup. But when I do its mostly eyeliner + subtle eyeshadow or lippy, never both. my face can't hack it and I end up looking like a drag queen.
Another thing I tend to do when i'm bored is apply make up, I dabbed some olive oil on my lips and then put on the lipstick (Rimmel London Moisture Renew- Shade: Burgundy Delight)
I put the olive oil on because if I don't my lips dry out like the Sahara. Anywho, snapped some pictures and thought i'd share :) 

I got that burn on my hand taking brownies I made for my drummer outta the oven
Use protection guys!
*Please note: Under natural light the colour is not as vibrant, it's more subtle, the flash on my camera makes it appear so...'popping' LOL

As always, I hope you're well
Rels x

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