Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hair Talk...

Hey guys,

I've had a very hair filled morning! I've literally spent maybe three hours surfing the hair web *hides face*. Why, you ask? Recently i've grown increasingly frustrated with my hair. The thickness, tangle prone-ness, dryness, single strand knotted-ness all of these -nesses came together to make one defeated feeling Rella. I was ready to call it quits, I felt like nothing I was doing was working and it just wasn't worth the time and effort. At my worst I was ready to cut it all off, the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I haven't found solutions to my hair problems yet and why cut it off when it's likely to grow back in the same crappy condition it's currently in.

Ok to be fair it's not that bad. Anyway this morning I woke up and was ready to make a plan to deal with all this hair ish so here are the problems.

  • single strand knots
  • splits ends, mid shaft splits, looks like a tree branch splits
  • dryness
  • detangling time/ tangle prone nature
  • products...
The Plan
1. Single Strand Knots and Splits

Trim Trim Trim. Seriously I'm cutting my hair, not that sugar coated 'tip of each twist' business. I'm going through it all and chopping all the damage out thoroughly until all the knots and splits are gone. Section by section. I don't care how much hair it takes I want to be damage free. Next I'm going to monitor the condition of my hair over the next month to see if they return and why. Was it after combing? after a particular style? 

Speaking of combing, a while back, maybe last year I stopped using combs and solely finger detangled. I don't know what happened to make me go back... I think one day finger detangling stopped working on my ends so I went back to the comb. But in hindsight I think that had more to do with the state of my ends than the effectiveness of finger detangling. This time round my ends will be on point so I'm going to make a real effort and see if I can seriously cut down on comb usage.

2. Dryness

I am lazy. I won't lie. The idea of moisturising my hair, all of my hair, everyday is impossible. I just can't. Take a twist down, finger comb, spray with water, moisturise, seal and retwist everyday .0_o, Not gonna happen. But I am going to up my moisturising game, even if it's something as simple as running my hair under the shower mid-week. 

3. Detangling time/ tangle proneness

4 hours is just too long and without a comb it's probably going to take even longer. This month i'm going to experiment with different detangling methods/ combinations to see if there is anything better than my current routine. I already know that detangling my hair in the shower loaded with conditioner does not work for me. Like at all. The spray bottle prepoo detangling method aka my current routine is aiight but I think my next step is to try dry detangling. I mean, my hair just outright misbehaves when it gets wet so I'm thinking eliminate the water all together and maybe just maybe i'll stand a chance.

4. Products

When you're using a product do you ever wonder if it's actually working? It's obvious when something doesn't work because hair protests but what if your hair just shrugs it's shoulders all the freaking time. Is it because the product is average and not worth repurchasing or is it because shoulder shruging is about as excited as my hair can get? At my next wash I'm going to establish a baseline. After washing I'm just going to seal with castor oil and see how it dries. That way I know how my hair feels with no product so if my hair still feels like that after adding product; that product has some 'splaining to do! 

I'm going to leave it there, I'll definitely be back with updates, reviews and all that jazz. I'm really excited, I feel like I've been at a hair standstill for sometime now and it seems like things are finally going to start moving!

As usual I hope this finds you well!!
Rels x x

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