Saturday, 26 May 2012

Everyday Hair...

yup, got this twist out game
on lock! lol.
When I first decided to start taking care of my hair I was amazed by all the 'out' styles. The twist outs, braid outs, bantu knot outs... I wanted to learn how to do them and when I mastered them I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

But personally I only wear them when i'm performing, or for other special occasions. What about when I want a more casual look? Or a style that lasts longer than two days? I'm talking about everyday hair. For alot of naturals this could be a wash and go or bun etc but due to the limitations uniqueness of my hair texture I needed other options.

I used to watch YT vids and read NHCB's and see all these really extravagant styles and think but what do you do between that? How do you take care of your hair on a daily basis?
I wanted everyday hair styles that didn't take long to do, looked good and were suitable for my hair type (protective). I don't ask for much lol. But I never had/took the time to create them but after my last post I was determined to keep up the positive momentum and spend time styling my hair instead of falling back on twists and scarves.

So in the four weeks since I Love My Hair here's how I've worn my hair.

Week 1: I wore the I Love My Hair hairstyle for the whole week. I took it down to moisturise and seal then put it back up half way through.
Week 2: Began with a wash since it had been two weeks since my last. I left the braids that I used to dry my hair in and wore headscarves
Week 3: Determined to do something with my hair I took down the braids and wore an improvised up do (see vid)
Week 4 aka now: I am currently wearing the flyest twisted bun ever. Video and post coming soon :)

So thats it. I'm going to be taking a more proactive and involved approach to my hair. The best thing I've done for my hair this past month is actually spend time with it. Sorry it's been so long since my last post i've been in exam HELL. But things have finally quieted down and so you'll be hearing from me more.

I guess i'll end with a question? What does your day to day styling routine look like?

Hope this finds you well :)
Rels x

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  1. I really look forward to your post, I love the video you posted of your quick hair style i definitely will attempt to do this on my hair i will let you know how it goes x