Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yoghurt Pre-poo and other hair shenanigans...

Prepoo: Greek Style Yoghurt, Crown Pride Naturals Avocado Detangling Conditioner, Honey, EVOO, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil. 
Shampoo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo
Conditioner: Crown Pride Naturals Avocado Detangling Conditioner
Moisturiser: Crown Pride Naturals Organic Hair Milk
Sealant: Castor Oil 

So this wash day was not as successful as the last one which was disappointing because I finally felt like I was making progress in my mission to make managing my hair easier.
This sess. I wanted to experiment and try a yoghurt prepoo. I don't really do protein treatments mainly because my hair doesn't seem to need it, but I thought to myself: "Rels, it's been a nearly a year since your last protein treatment, surely you must need one". So I did it. *sigh*

My hair had been in the flat twisted bun for about two weeks so I knew my ends were gonna fight me when it came to detangling, but I was optimistic. I felt prepared, surely my stubborn ends were no match for the thick creaminess of the yoghurt. How naive I was. I took a section of hair, applied the mix and reached for the comb expecting a win. My hair LAUGHED at me. Like i'm sure I heard my strands saying: "Is this chick serious?? she thought *snigger*, she actually thought yoghurt would help her BWUHAHAHAAA".

It took 4 hours to detangle my hair that night guys. 4 whole hours. I felt so disheartened, exhausted and just generally fed up. I was like "hair shouldn't be a struggle", it's just not worth it. Afterwards I donned a plastic cap and went to bed.

The next morning I was NOT looking forward to washing my hair, I had no idea what the yoghurt had done to it and didn't really want to find out, but there were no other options. When I took off the plastic cap I was pleasantly surprised. My hair felt soft. It was as if my strands felt my pain and were like "you know what chick, we'll give you this one". I jumped in the shower, shampooed my scalp, rinsed, and then applied conditioner down the length of each twist. (Oh did I mention my hair was in twists? No? Sorry.) I flash rinsed with cold water and then wrung out my hair.

At this point it was like 8:45, I had a class at 10 and no idea what to do with my hair, the twists that I washed in were way too big to style in any way and I hadn't even moisturised yet but I was like one step at a time. I took a twist, untwisted, moisturised and sealed the hair with castor oil, and then split it in two and twisted again. I did that all over my hair and by 9:50 I was done. Still had no clue what to do with it though, but during the process I had put the front half of my hair in a loose bun to make accessing the back easier. When it came to styling I realised what I had done and was like hmm, this is kinda cute- which is strange because I never have my hair all the way back, I don't normally like the way it looks on me, but for some reason this time it worked. I did the same with the back half, pinned a few misbehaving sections and by 10 I was done.

Sure I was late to class but I didn't care. I had conquered. I felt like a champion. It didn't matter that I am yet to solve my ssk, mid shaft splits problem because that morning I styled my hair in under 5 minutes. I had the biggest smile on my face as I was walking to class.

Smell that guys? That is victory.

I'll post the vid for the style next.
Hope this finds you well,
Rels x

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