Friday, 11 July 2014

Here's to new beginnings!

Putting my hair in twists to dry after washing. -June '14

Hey Guys!

Wow it's been a while... But I am back now! Yes Uni is officially over, I have finished my degree and now I can come back to doing me. It's funny because I'm so out of practice *sigh*. See the thing is my degree was Life Sciences based, it was intense, and it sucked all creativity out of me. I'm not even kidding. It sucked my desire to write, sing, create... all of it was held hostage. So now that I am free, I'm kind of at a loss. I don't really know what to write about anymore... But instead of wallowing and waiting around for inspiration to hit, I am going to jump right in and not be afraid of how foreign blogging feels to me now. So here I am, jumping in, trying to rediscover what my blogging voice sounds like...

So let's talk hair, k?

As some of you might remember, at the beginning of the year I shouted from the blog roof tops: "Screw the downess!" in response to the hair loss that I had experienced last year. And I really kept to that. I didn't let it get me down at all, and as a result I've been really able to enjoy my hair. These days we're really in sync and it's crazy because I never thought that I'd get to this place. I started out on a hair journey years ago because I wanted to learn my hair. The first few years were so tough and filled with such frustration and pain that I couldn't imagine getting through to the other side. I guess that's another reason why I don't know what to write. Before, I'd come here and talk to you about the things that were going wrong, the things I wanted to learn. And now that EVERYTHING is going right, I'm like: so what should I talk about?

But you know what, let's flip the focus. I'm four and a bit years in now. Me and my hair, we know each other. We are friends. So i'm going to come and tell you what I've learnt. In detail. We are gonna sit here and talk about successful hair care. Real results. I'm not going to tell you what other people say or guess about hair care. I'm going to tell you what didn't work, what did and why it did. I'm going to try and help dispel some myths that have been perpetuated in the natural hair community and hopefully all of our heads of hair will be better for it.

I'm gonna make a commitment that at minimum, every fortnight something will be posted. But I'm aiming for weekly, and hopefully I can build from there.

You game?

Rella x