Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Canerow/ Cornrow outs, my new love..

It has NOT been four months!
Ok it has, but I can't believe it's been four months since I last posted ¬¬
I don't even know why...for a long time I wasn't really doing anything special with my hair and then.. I dunno. But i'm here and i'm going to talk braid outs.

Now I don't do twist outs because my hair is not a fan of twists. My roots get really matted in large twists and i'd have to do really small ones to stop this from happening and to get my hair to fall in the way i'd want.

So a few weeks ago I had a performance. And I was thinking of how to do my hair for it. Twist-out weren't an option and a braid outs don't really fall right either because my roots are so thick so I thought to my self: let me try a canerow out.

I moisturised with Giovanni Direct Leave-In and sealed with shea butter and aloe vera gel.
With a side part at the front of my head I braided the front section. 4 canerows on each side of the part going from part to ear. Then I braided the back; 6 canerows going straight down to my neck. I donned a satin scarf and visited slumberland. The next day I put some oil on my hands and carefully took down the plaits.

The results were amazing! I never knew my hair could look like that.

And it stayed that way all day! I got sooo many compliments about my hair lol, but nobody was more surprised than I was.

I've experimented with different sized braids, different amounts and even different canerow patterns.
It nice to have a go-to style :)

Oh and the back of my hair is now collarbone length. When did that happen?

Rels x


  1. I love your hair. It is so beautiful! I love what your doing to help motivate others who would like to go natural over the pond.

    1. Thanks so much for this comment!!! I really really appreciate the positivity and encouragement!! x x x